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Image by Milivoj Kuhar

Current insulation is the only way to go.  The cellulose products are just superior to all the other insulation.  The craze of foam is all around but we just don't like it...we stick with the cellulose.

Local Home Builders

I have used these products for years (Nu Wool Cellulose) and the quality of the products and installation is the best i've found for the money.  

I've tried other products including spray foam, and fiberglass in my projects and i come back the better performance of the cellulose.  It's just a better looking product when installed, you can tell it seals things up and there are less voids.  

I didn't know about Current insulation before but after having the product and install I really can say I like it.  They were in and out quickly and did a nice job.  

Home Owners

I couldn't believe the difference that it made just adding the insulation that Current insulation put in my attic.  I can really tell the temperature in my home is better.

What I couldn't believe was that it made things so quiet too.  My addition and remodel areas are just comfortable.

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