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Energy Guarantee

Nu-Wool WALLSEAL is sprayed in place by Current Insulation, eliminating the voids and air pockets common with fiberglass insulation. Density, which is important in reducing air infiltration and increasing R-Value (how well insulation product resists the flow of heat or cold through it) is more consistent with the Nu-Wool WALLSEAL system. You can actually see the insulation in place and know that all of the areas in a wall are properly insulated.

Nu-Wool WALLSEAL is a premium insulation system. Homeowners, developers, builders, general contractors, and architects choosing this system are concerned about energy costs, sound control, and overall comfort. Current Insulation installers are factory trained and certified professionals, and are equipped with specialized machines designed for this application. The increased efficiency of the Nu-Wool WALLSEAL system, along with Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation in the attic, saves you as much as 40% on heating and cooling costs and dramatically reduces noise from outside the building as well as from room to room.


Guaranteed Energy Program

Nu-Wool Cellulose Insulation is so energy efficient, Nu-Wool guarantees the heating & cooling bill savings on new homes built with Nu-Wool Insulation. Nu-Wool Co., Inc. has been offering guarantees on the energy performance of homes for many years. Nu-Wool, through Current Insulation as a certified WALLSEAL dealer, offers this Guaranteed Energy Program for new houses insulated with Nu-Wool Insulation at no cost to the homeowner or builder. To learn more about the energy savings of Nu-wool and the energy guarantee program, contact us or read more information on Nu-Wool's website

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